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Staff Recruitment

Recruiting with the future in mind

The needs of our clients are the primary focus of iCobus’ staff recruitment process. We take the time to learn and understand everything about our clients and what makes them preferred employers.

It is necessary to take clearly defined job specifications and understand our client’s company culture and future goals, to emabrk on a a successful staff recruitment campaign to attract the best candidates for each role.

Benefits of using iCobus for staff recruitment


As experts within our field, iCobus can ensure only the best candidates are put forward for our client roles. Securing the best candidates is vital to ensure the longevity of staff especially when it comes to IT.

Culture & Integrity

Employees who are engaged and have a stronger bond with the company and their co-workers are also more likely to stay with the company, so understanding each client’s company culture is key.

Business Growth

Permanent employees have the opportunity to move up the departmental hierarchy, assume future leadership roles, and contribute positively to the business expansion goals of the company.

Quality candidates are what you deserve

iCobus will only send you candidates that have been successfully referred, referenced or used in the past. This ensures the successful completion of your project and saves you crucial time by eliminating a lengthy screening process.

We place a high value on consistency and quality, which is why we evaluate candidates using our own internal rating system to determine their reliability, expertise, and adaptability to any project.

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