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Contract Labour

Choosing contract labour for shorter term projects

We will assist you in locating contract labour in your desired industry to fulfil all of your company’s requirements. We provide the skills you need when you need them most, whether your requirements are niche or for high-volume purposes.

Using the contract labour option can help you hire a workforce that can adapt to your project’s needs. You can manage project costs with the assurance that those supporting your project are compliant through contingent and contract recruitment.

Benefits of contract labour


Working with contract workers makes hiring much more adaptable. You can hire new employees quickly and frequently with less paperwork than if you hired a permanent employee.

Reduce Costs

By utilizing contract labour, you can cut down on the costs associated with hiring permanent employees, while instantly increasing your team when you need to and reduce headcount when you don’t.


Compared to other types of employees, contract workers typically have more years of experience. This is highly valued because it allows them to begin a role immediately.

Quality candidates are what you deserve

iCobus will only send you candidates that have been successfully referred or used in the past. This ensures the successful completion of your project and saves you crucial time by eliminating a lengthy screening process.

We place a high value on consistency and quality, which is why we evaluate candidates using our own internal rating system to determine their reliability, expertise, and adaptability to any project.

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