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We like to listen to what you want, and together deliver a service that fits.


Hiring is hard right now

There’s a substantial increase in open headcount within thousands of high growth companies than ever before, and you’re all competing for the same group of talent.

This leads to candidates being inundated by outreach, creating too many options, and resulting in a lack of interest because it’s impossible to stand out.

Our existing and growing relationships with thousands of candidates solves this challenge. We know exactly who is open to making a move, and precisely what their needs are in order to switch.

Make your life easier by leveraging our network and experience in engaging with hard to access candidates, and we’ll help you build the most impactful teams whilst you focus on scaling your organisation.

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very professional establishment

I really recommend! Payment allows on time,Friday 8:00am money in ! long term projects! Very easy communication with the office specially John Blake !

Best agency to work with very understandable and friendly people, always pay on time, regularly supply you with work and keep you busy. Highly reccomended by me.

Icobus provides the best engineers.Very good comunication,well organised,working all over the globe.This speaks volumes about the quality of their engineers. For 2 years there has never been a delay in payments, I always have a job, I am very pleased ! Top quality staff


Definitely the best data cabling recruitment agency.Provides the most qualified data engineers in London.Payments are always on time and loads of work as well.Strongly recommend!

Best company ever. Good team. High quality service

They have excellent engineers. Best agency in their sector. You can trust.

Great agency to work with very good people that take care of you.

Lovely company! Many thanks

Great agency to work with, highly professional.

Honest and accurate people. Pleasure to work with them.

Radu Belciu

Verry professional people to work with. Never had issues. They kept me busy several months. I would definitely recommend

Never had issues with the agency. Verry professional. I would definitely recommend to other people.

Martin Ivanov

Very good to work with. Great team and always ready to help.

Excellent and honest Recruitment Company to work for. The payroll/ time sheet process is easy to use.

ICobus is Responsibility and Great Company who provide Quality and Data Cabling knowledge. Flexible and Great Staff with professional management. If you need this kind of services don't hesitate to connect with Icobus.

Great company to work with,excellent team.I never had any problems with them.I am very happy to work with ICobus Ltd and I will continue working with this agency

Great service, easy to work for. Recommend it for all good engineers looking for good opportunities!

I'm very happy to know and work for these agency. Never had any problems with them. Very polite and easy to work with team. Keep up the good work!!!

Great company to work with, best team and service!

Great company, i've got the best experience for five years now!

Great agency to work with, excellent service and a most excellent team. I have had many a job thru iCobus limited first choice for Data cabling work 5* service .

The most helpful and professional cabling service out there. 10/10 for service.

A great company! I'm proud to be part of it👌👌👌

Nick Prescod

Faultless working with iCobus over the years total hassle free contracts with excellent communication and feedback. One of the best agencies around

They are a good bunch whom have always looked after me. Highly recommended.

Tony Dimitrov

iCobus company is the best.Always keep us busy and pay on time.

When it comes to communication you can't fault the icobus team . A great agency to work with, I will always recommend to any and everyone in the telecommunication industry .

TiTo Todorov

All I would say about my work with iCobus company is things with positive character! For the worker and for the person as a whole, it is important to see the understanding and support of higher standing people standing over him! I've saw this support not only from the head but from the people who support the development of this company! Keep it up !

Icobus is the best company ever which i work for. Brilliant communication, perfect organisation everything in time. Icobus is the best choice if you are Data engineer or telecommunications engineer at all.

Best company ever. High quality services.

Adrian Ady

Best Agency in Computer, IT Engineering, AV Engineering and Voice & Data cabling engineering, always I have a good experience and I find good people on iCobus!!!

Best IT agency i've worked for !!! Keep up the good job.

I passed many IT recruitment agencies, but only iCobus are serious about jobs and workers. It was nice to work for them and I strongly recommend iCobus Recruitment agency.

Great company to work for, they have vast data cabling knowledge.

Brilliant service and great work ethic! Keep it up.

Michael Pullum
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Our services


In simple terms, this is recruitments version of ‘No Win No Fee’. An end to end solution that can provide high quality candidate shortlists to fill your vacancy.


We’re so confident in our ability to identify, qualify and present key hires to you, we offer you a whole year to replace them free of charge if they don’t hit the spot.


iCobus provides everything necessary to our customers from selection and on-boarding to infrastructure systems including dedicated payroll services.

Benefits to you


We recruit teams all day every day. Meaning our average recruitment timeline is 3 weeks for hire.

Save time

We handle the source, screen and selection process for you. We help you managing interviews all the way to the on-boarding process.

Dedicated Advertising

We provide dedicated advertising across major job boards and social network sites for the duration of the campaign.

Learn more about how we can help you recruit

Because it’s about time to redefine recruitment


For an expert recruitment service talk to us – we can help.

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, get in touch. If you are an employer looking for your next hire or a candidate we can help you with your hiring challenges.

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